Nutrients and General Soil and Water Chemistry

Analytica’s range of accredited methods encompass the range of tests needed for routine monitoring of soils and waters for nutrients and general chemistry parameters.  Used widely for state of the environment monitoring, as well as compliance with resource consents and trade waste conditions, these tests are routinely completed with fast turn-around times thanks to efficient testing processes that have been implemented in the laboratory.

For a comprehensive list of tests please contact our customer support team – the following list is a summary only.

General Properties/Chemistry– pH, electrical conductivity, BOD, CBOD, COD, alkalinity, turbidity, solids, absorbance/transmittance, colour, ash (soils), particle size analysis, acid sulphate soil analysis

Organic Carbon – total, dissolved, non-purgeable

Gravimetric Analysis – various forms of solids in water by gravimetric analysis.

Nutrients – both dissolved and total forms of N and P

Cations and Anions - Anion/Cation balance

Chromium VI 

Cyanide – both total and weak acid dissociable (WAD)

Silica – total dissolved

Leachate testing - TCLP and SPLP

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Your testing is backed by a team who are available and willing to help.  From quotations, logistics and receipt of samples, to technical support around results, we take pride in knowing that our team provide you with great back up whenever you need it.

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