Volatile Gas Analysis by SIFT-MS

Rapid volatile chemical analysis with SIFT-MS. A simple, fast and cost-efficient solution to gas analysis.

What is SIFT-MS?

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectroscopy (SIFT-MS) is an innovative option for measuring volatile chemicals in air for environmental (indoor and outdoor) and food product applications.  It can also measure volatile chemicals produced from any matrix (soil, water, solids).  SIFT-MS is exclusive to Analytica. 

In one simple analysis, SIFT-MS can rapidly quantify a diverse range of volatile compounds – both organic and inorganic. Reliable results can be obtained with as little as 100 mL of sample, with typical detection limits at parts-per-billion level by volume (ppbv).

SIFT-MS is a form of direct mass spectrometry that delivers real-time quantitative analysis of volatile compounds by applying precisely controlled soft chemical ionisation. In SIFT-MS, the chemical ionisation agents are called “reagent ions”, which are all conveniently generated from surrounding moist and dry air. As a result, this is a less-costly, faster, and a more efficient alternative to traditional gas chromatography for gas chemical testing.

Test suites and pricing

Test suites can be found at the following link: Gas Analysis Test Suites

For information and pricing relating to a specific project, please contact one of our technical experts using the contact details below. 

Sampling options

With the broad variety of applications of SIFT-MS, sampling is best tailored to your project requirements. Examples of the sampling options include:

  • Air grab samples: can be taken into 1L SKC FoilPlus bags or regular Tedlar bags.
  • Traditional air sampling by SUMMA canister
  • Headspace above liquids or solids: in suitable headspace vials

Please consult one of our technical experts using the details below for more information on the appropriate sampling options for your project.

Contact our technical experts for more on SIFT-MS

Dr Anatoly Chernyshev (Scientist): anatoly.chernyshev@analytica.co.nz
Dr Terry Braggins (General Manager): terry.braggins@analytica.co.nz
Rachael Casey (Market Development Specialist): rachael.casey@analytica.co.nz

Great Customer Support

Your testing is backed by a team who are available and willing to help.  From queries about logistics and receipt of samples, to technical support around results, we take pride in knowing that our team provide you with great back up whenever you need it.

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A New Approach To Sampling Containers That Saves Time & Space

Analytica’s testing methods take advantage of the best in modern testing equipment and techniques.  This makes it possible to carry out testing using smaller quantities of sample, meaning that there is a smaller amount or weight of sample needed to provide a reliable result.

Taking a design approach to sample containers and shipping containers means that samples can be securely packed for shipping, quickly, saving valuable time in the field.  With the smaller sized samples, shipping containers tend to be smaller and lighter which makes life easier and safer for staff in the field.

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