Rapid β-Casein Calf Test

A quick and inexpensive offer to confirm the A1 and A2 beta-casein genotype of your dairy calves

Analytica are offering a rapid test at an affordable rate which includes our easy to use sampling device. This special offer is available until the end of October 2020 and only for samples using the Genotube.

if you are:

  • Thinking about developing an A2/A2 herd, but don’t want a parentage match

  • Making decisions on calves to keep and are considering developing an A2/A2 future herd

  • Considering trading your excess A2/A2 heifer calves

then this rapid, economical test may be right for you!

Your Price (EXCL. GST) Normal TAT
$19.90 5 Working Days


dna testing (genotyping) using the genotube

Skin cell swab (nose) - low risk of cross contamination, and a good source of DNA.  Able to be carried out by most people without specialised training, using ‘Genotube’ sampling devices from Analytica.  A fast and non-invasive option, especially suited to use in calves (can be used for bulls, dry as well as milking cows).

If you want to consider alternative *sampling options, please enquire (common options are listed below).

PRO Easy collection - various systems available from animal ID/Tag manufacturers eg. Allflex Easy sample type for the lab Cheap to sample 30-40 hairs pulled out by the roots
CON Invasive Requires a trained person to collect. Expensive and time consuming. Perferably transport temperature controlled. Time consuming. Prone to contamination. Variability results due to environmental contamination or when sampled wet.







*Care needs to be taken to avoid cross contamination in all sample collection for DNA testing, so take this into account when choosing.


Results are provided for each individual animal, using the ID’s provided at the time of sample submission.


For more information and to order your testing kits please contact us:

Phone: (07) 974 4740
Email: sales@analytica.co.nz 

A note on intellectual property related to beta-casein

A range of intellectual property is registered or under application around the production, sale, and use of products made with milk from cows that are free of A1 beta-casein protein.  The provision of beta-casein testing and results by Analytica does not provide access to any intellectual property rights owned by various parties independent of Analytica.

More information about research on beta-casein variants and bioactive fragments generated from their digestion can be found at www.betacasein.net.

How to take and submit a sample

How to take and submit a sample


GenoTubes are designed for non-invasive sampling from animals for DNA testing. These instructions are for collecting a sample from the nose of an aniaml, which will be suitable for beta-casein genetic testing. If you wish to collect a sample for parentage testing, or other genetic testing please contact us to discuss whether a GenoTube or another option is better suited.

Download our complete sampling instuctions here.

Contact Analytica at sales@analytica.co.nz or 07 974 4740 to order.

After sampling complete our Analysis Request Form either in PDF format or as a Word document, and send it along with your samples to:

Analytica Laboratories Ltd
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road,
Hamilton 3240 
New Zealand

Get Analysis Request Forms

Don’t forget to label each sample container with a unique name or code, matching the Sample Identification that you write on the Analysis Request Form. We will invoice you when we report your results. 

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